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What Is PANAS?

After the birth of 3 elder sisters. I was born in 1968. My granddad became very happy and gifted mother a Panas. Panas is a traditional light/lamp. When this was established, we discussed about the name of the hotel then my mother came up with the name Panas. To light the Panas (Lamp), Kerosene and a piece of cloth/string is needed. It was used to light our house when there was no electricity. My mother got Panas 50 years ago as a gift. She is 80 years old now. Since it started lightening the entire hotel 24 Hot Sandwich and restaurant is also running side by side.

I am Soviyat Bahadur Thapa. I grew up in Pokhara and graduated in the same beautiful city. I started my career as a trekking porter and a guide. After that I was involved in hotel business for about 15 years. During these years I gained enough experience in tourism to get to know the customers and their need better so I set up a hotel of my own. It was established in the year 2010 and named this family running hotel HOTEL PANAS.

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