About Hotel Panas

After the birth of 3 elder sisters. I was born in 1968. My granddad became very happy and gifted mother a Panas. Panas is a traditional light/lamp. When this was established, we discussed about the name of the hotel then my mother came up with the name Panas. To light the Panas (Lamp), Kerosene and a piece of cloth/string is needed. It was used to light our house when there was no electricity. My mother got Panas 50 years ago as a gift. She is 80 years old now. Since it started lightening the entire hotel 24 Hot Sandwich and restaurant is also running side by side.

I am Soviyat Bahadur Thapa. I grew up in Pokhara and graduated in the same beautiful city. I started my career as a trekking porter and a guide. After that I was involved in hotel business for about 15 years. During these years I gained enough experience in tourism to get to know the customers and their need better so I set up a hotel of my own. It was established in the year 2010 and named this family running hotel HOTEL PANAS.

Family Enviorment.
Providing Hospitality is the major Concern of our Hotel.

Our Hotel staff work 24/7 without any hesitation. Every member of our hotel works as per there credibility . We have several positions in our hotel like front desk, roomboy , waiter , cook and so on. Every member show good team work just to provide best service to all our customers because customers satisfaction is our only prority. There is a big group of Relatives in feast and Festival.


Our dedicated and well informed staff is always available to satisfy your requests.

Room Service

Our room service is there for you around the clock

Sameday Laundry Service

Our Hotel provides Sameday Laundry Service.


Our Hotel offers dining experience from tea to delicious cocktails.